Research Activities of CWAIP

The CWAIP conducts multidisciplinary research in the areas of mathematical signal, image and information processing, analysis and understanding. This symbiosis between mathematics and its applications enables us to find new ideas, explore new theories and develop new knowledge and technologies in mathematics, signal, image and information sciences. In addition to all these, the CWAIP also works on various projects relevant to Singapore economy and local interests.

(a) Research  

Wavelets and Approximation Theory
Data Representation with Redundant Systems
High Dimensional Data Analysis
Time-Frequency Analysis
Signal and Image Processing
Multimedia Information Processing

(b) Applications and Systems Development

Image, document image and video compression
Wavelet-based audio-video communications system
Denoising and resolution enhancement
Underwater signal processing and recognition
Signal identification and classification
Wavelet-enhanced automated fingerprint identification system

(c) Achievements

Significant research contributions and impact in the areas of Wavelets and Approximation     Theory
Capabilities in applications are of local relevance, resulting in substantial funding
Winner of National Science Award 1998

Patents and Technology Declarations

The technologies on an automated fingerprint identification system, and Scalable Compression and Decompression of Fingerprint Information have been declared to the University, and the applications for US patents are in progress;

Two other technologies on scalable image and video compression, and a framework for highly scalable video communications are in the pipeline for declaration to the University and filing of US patents.

Patent for a software system for simultaneous compression of text and pictures is in process.


Akram Aldroubi, Vanderbilt University
Raymond Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tony Chan, University of California, Los Angeles
Ingrid Daubechies, Princeton University
Tim N T Goodman, University of Dundee
Marcus Hegland, Australian National University
David Larson, Texas A&M University
Amos Ron, University of Wisconsin-Madison