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Showcase of CWAIP

Please find below some links that we hope to provide a better insight into the R&D projects we are working on. The demonstration here is meant only for non-commercial showcase of our technologies.

WavePRESS - The Image and Video Codec for Compression and Communication

WavPRESS -- is our core wavelet-based scalable image and video compression engine. Here, you can see a contrasting improvement of WavPRESS over JPEG standard. As we will further demonstrate below, it does not only give good compression performance but also highly scalable compressed images and videos.

Image Archiving

Image Archiving -- here, we attempt to showcase the strength of progressive browsing (bit rate scalability). You will see a library of images. Once you have chosen a particular thumbnail image, the full-size, high-quality image will then be streamed to you from the image server. We also explain the various other scalability features that WavPRESS can support. Scalability has become a timely and strategic enabling technology for many Internet applications, especially in the present highly heterogeneous environment (either in network bandwidth, display devices, hardware complexity, etc.)

Partial Image Retrieval

Partial Image Retrieval -- here, you can navigate and zoom to view a small segment of a very large image, such as a world atlas or high- resolution medical image. [To view this interactive demonstration, you have to temporary disable some security settings in your Internet Explorer browser as we have yet to apply for a proper commercial digital certificate for the ActiveX plugin. To do so, click on Tools->Internet Options on your browser. Click on "Security" tab, and click on the globe image "Internet" and then scroll the Security Level for this zone to LOW. Click APPLY and then OK. It is fine if you receive prompts that the plugin is insecure, etc., as I can guarantee you that it will be safe; just that we did not pay commercial firms like VeriSign to certify our research program. After this, you can go back and select either the cheetah or medical image. You can then select a portion of the large image, and the image server will extract and stream to you only the selected region of interest.


WAFIS -- this is a wavelet-enhanced automatic fingerprint identification system. WAFIS can identify/authenticate a fingerprint from a large database accurately and fast. A one-to-one matching will take only about 0.3 second, and searching to identify the right print from a database of 100 prints will take less than 1 second. These speed results are software-only solutions. As you can see, our technology is highly robust; the prints with blur or a large portion of the core segment missing will still result in accurate matching result. Most commercial products would have failed to recognize the right print or reject to accept the authorized person. Two patents have been filed on this technology. We are currently working to build this technology into a single chip solution to improve the speed performance and its readiness to engage commercial applications.

Industrial Fault Diagnosis (ICMFD)

Industrial Fault Diagnosis (ICMFD) -- this project focuses on a powerful set of machine diagnosis/analysis tools using wavelet technology. From the graphical illustrations here, you can see how well our technology performs in comparison with other conventional/traditional techniques. We are also keen to explore further into using this technology in other areas such as partial discharge location for failure detection of cables and feature extraction of biomedical signals.

Wavelet-based document image compression (WDIC)

Wavelet-based document image compression (WDIC) -- this project focuses on high-quality, high-compression storage of digital documents. As you can see, our technology, WDIC, is far superior to JPEG and SPIHT (which is among one of the world's best wavelet-based compression techniques). WDIC is specially designed to perform exceptionally well with digital documents that contain both text, background, and images. The images there clearly shows its potential for document archiving, digital faxing from PC, and many more.


WAVC -- this project focuses a powerful set of video compression algorithms. Combining advanced wavelet technology with the most successful motion estimation/compensation technology, such as TRUE overlapped motion estimation and overlapped motion compensation; this set of algorithms provides hi-fidelity, high-compression ratio storage of digital video. It can be used for many multimedia applications, such as video-on-demand and internet video streaming application.

   We trust that the above projects would have had given you a short introduction to our R&D work in CWAIP. There are a few other projects that we have not managed to put up for demonstration, for example:

   Scalable video archiving and progressive viewing over multiple display and network environment. For instance, we have developed a small-scale video server that stores high-quality video clips, and then serve disparate clients who range from high-end desktop PCs to handheld PDAs, and from high-speed LAN to wireless connection, all from the same copy of the compressed video. In fact, both live and pre-stored videos can be served from the server.