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Introduction to CWAIP

    Rapid advances in communication, sensing and computational power have led to an explosion of data. The usefulness of this resource for human knowledge is determined by its accessibility and portability. The size and varied formats of the datasets present fresh challenges to existing techniques in terms of transmission, storage, querying, display and numerical manipulation. As a result, a lot of research has been conducted on computer-aided techniques to develop new technologies for data representation. Efficient and robust methods for data representation are essential for storage, communication, display, scientific analysis and computation of digital information. This requires new theories and new methods in the areas of approximation, imaging science, information processing, mathematical modeling, scientific computing and statistics.

    The Centre for Wavelets, Approximation and Information Processing is a research centre of the Faculty of Science at the Department of Mathematics. It is a multidisciplinary research centre that emphasizes the synergy of mathematics, engineering and computer science. The main objective of the centre is to push forward the frontier of the areas of mathematical signal, image and information processing, analysis, understanding, and apply state-of-the-art theory and technology to solve real-life problems, such as image and video compression, signal and image denoising, and signal detection and identification. Several software systems based on in-house technologies have been developed. Research activities in the centre attracted substantial funding from the Ministry of Education and the National Science and Technology Board (S$3.29 million from 1996 to 2001) that in turns enhance the research capabilities of the centre. This leads to recent funding from the Defence Science and Technology Agency. The centre also actively supports the educational goals of the University through the supervision of final year undergraduates, postgraduate research students as well as overseas students on internship.